Seeking “contentment.”

Seeking “contentment.”

I find you in simplicity 

I lose you in expectation

I trap you in memories

And free you in dreams

I search for you in positive affirmation

And hold you briefly in the arms of a loved one

A rarity to experience you in your entirety 

You never last but neither do you stay away

A moment of bliss…

A moment of bliss…

 With an expanded series of perfect moments

These canyon walls have seemingly funneled you towards me

Where we ride the rapids of breathless adventure

And flow easily to the eddies of rest and rejuvenation 

Dropping in…

Dropping in…

You jumped so eagerly into my boat

And for once, my lips held a smile 

Rather than a question

“How long will you stay?”

 When I climbed out of my boat 

On the sandy shoreline of our destination

I could see your impression in my footprints  

My wants and needs aligned

Finding freedom and a purpose divine

Life reset to the ancient canyon’s slower time

A stunning “reset” button.

A stunning “reset” button.

All photos courtesy of the LC.